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It is the policy of Waingap Contracts Limited that we shall ensure the health, safety and welfare at work of all our employees and any other persons within the workplace who may be affected by any of our activities. Also the Company intends to carry out its' undertakings in such a way that the general public is not exposed to risks to their health and safety.
It is the intention of the Company to identify, eliminate, or reduce and control, hazards in the workplace.

The Company will provide and maintain:-

  1. Machinery, equipment and plant that is safe and without risk to health
  2. Safe systems for the handling, storage, transportation and use of articles and substances, without risk to health
  3. Information, instruction, training and supervision that ensures the health and safety of all employees
  4. A safe place of work, including entrances and exits, that is without risk to health
  5. A safe and healthy working environment, and adequate arrangements for the welfare of employees

The Company Directors, Managers and Supervisors will make every effort to keep themselves informed and up to date with Health and Safety Legislation, both current and future. Where necessary outside assistance will be requested as appropriate from, for example, the local Fire Service, the Health and Safety Executive or other bodies with the skills required.

A copy of this Policy Statement will be available to all employees and will be reviewed at least annually, and updated as required, or in the case of any significant change in :-

  • Premises
  • Working conditions and practices
  • Equipment and substances in use
  • Legal requirements

which may affect the Health and Safety of our employees or anyone else who may be affected by our work.

Distribution and ongoing review, update and control will be the responsibility of the Director of the Company.

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